Nine Inch Nails - Eraser 

"Modern cognitive science has exploded virtually every assumption behind the layperson’s view of a Promethean Controller. The brain is a complex system that schedules output routines, information gathering, and knowledge restructuring. This can all be explained within the modern conceptual language of executive functioning and the idea of coalitions of subsystems successively controlling action and internal processing. There is no little man in the head, there is no one place where it all comes together, there is no one place where the “I” sits, there is no Promethean Controller inside us that represents, in brain terms, the soul."

Keith E. Stanovich, The Robot’s Rebellion, P. 212 (via blackestdespondency)

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is the discography of one of the most awesome bands in the world. And I am a proud owner of all of the above.

This is The Ocean.

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Listen/purchase: The Last March by Tiago Ferreira

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Gojira - Indians

Meshuggah – Rational Gaze (3,217 plays)


Meshuggah - Rational Gaze

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Gojira - World To Come

My favorite Gojira song \m/